CHRO Board Academy

The Prium is the exclusive partner to the CHRO Board Academy.

With today’s ever-more complex operating environment and the increasingly intense scrutiny of corporate leadership, where can chief human resources officers turn for wise and unbiased counsel? The CHRO Board Academy believes the answer lies with those who walk in your shoes, face the same challenges, and live under the same microscope – your CHRO peers.

Twice per year, the CHRO Board Academy, led by Peter Fasolo, CHRO of Johnson & Johnson, and Jose Tomas, CHRO of General Motors convenes large-cap, U.S.-based CHROs to share insights and learn from each other’s hard-won experiences. Member CHROs set and lead the robust agendas, which include broad contextual overviews, deep dives, and company-specific case studies on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Global macro-economic, political, and regulatory landscape
  • The CHRO’s relationship with the board of directors, with specific emphasis on the compensation committee
  • CEO succession, leadership pipeline, and talent management
  • Compensation, say-on-pay, and proxy disclosure
  • Employee engagement
  • HR risk management
  • Pension and healthcare dynamics

Peter Fasolo
Johnson & Johnson

Jose Tomas
General Motors

Past Chairs

Benito Cachinero-Sánchez

Susan Peters
General Electric

The CHRO Board Academy is about applied learning.

The CHRO Board Academy is not a media event, it’s not for show, and it’s not for passive observers. It’s for those CHROs who want to roll up their sleeves, open themselves to new ideas, and commit to helping other leaders meet the challenges of the day. The CHRO Board Academy distinguishes itself with:

Insight: Led by member CHROs, complemented by world-class subject matter experts
Candor: Discrete, confidential, and off-the-record
Interactivity: Open dialogue rather than one-way panels, no Powerpoint
Intimacy: Membership capped at 50 CHROs
Efficiency: Two half-day sessions per year, preceded by social dinner the evening prior

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If you’d like to explore the benefits of CHRO Board Academy membership or attend the next roundtable session as our guest, please contact our Executive Director, Donna Gregor, at

“ Our gatherings provide a high quality intimate setting in which we can explore the most critical issues a CHRO faces in dealing with Boards. Unfiltered peer to peer knowledge sharing and interactions with thought leaders and Board members are what make the CHRO Board Academy special.”

– Peter Fasolo, CHRO, Johnson & Johnson